Long story short, I made five different Boba Fett Bow Tie variations from Lego set 75344. I’ll admit, making a Boba Fett Bow Tie was not the main reason why I bought this microfighter set. It wasn’t even the next 50 reasons to be honest. But I do know a lot of the Lego fans out there are also Star Wars fans and so we do have a lot of parts from the sets we collect that we could use in making bow ties.

What I liked and enjoyed when converting this set into bow ties were the colours I got to play with: the burgundy and different greens. And as with every set, apart from the bow frame, I stuck to using only the parts I got from the set.

Alright, let’s jump in and see the bows. For this set I used the black standard bow tie frame:

1. My initial approach is to try and keep some of the elements that define Boba’s starship. That meant the dark red / burgundy background, the main cannons and the wings.

2. Afterwards, I focused on using the various colours and parts that come with the set. I still tried to keep some of the patterns and structure from the microfighter, but only if it worked with the pattern I was trying to create. One thing that worked well was adding the wing plates to the base bow tie frame to add extra layers/corners. I felt it gave the frame a new personality. In case of the bow tie variant with the green circle in the middle, in order to add the grey round parabola part, you would need a one by one round stud which would not come with the set. But I reckon if you are reading this article, that means you do have and play with Lego, so most likely you will have this part available to use.

3. Last variants I built focused on including Boba Fett himself. I only used the upper part of his body so that the shape of the bow tie frame still stands out. I was able to easily mask it as well so it seems like the bow tie is his ship in a way… either that or he is on a podium or balcony, hehe.

And that’s a wrap. If you have other variants that you have created using this set, do share in a comment or get in touch and I will gladly add it to the post and mention where it came from.

Also, if you have the set and want to start creating and wearing your own lego bow ties, check out my Bow Tie straps and frames for lego. You buy it once and can wear and create countless bow ties to wear for any occasion. And on top of that, when you buy the straps and frames, they also come with free instructions on 50 different frame shapes and custom bow ties you can create. Check them out here.

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