Everyone knows the popular casual Fridays from the corporate world from 5-10 years ago and before that and not Fancy Friday.

Well, in the last 5-10 years, a lot of companies and a lot of countries – Germany included – “expanded” a bit on the casual Friday idea… to where you might ask? well basically to casual everyday.

This is what I sort of landed in and although I have nothing against casual wear, I had a bow tie collection and enjoyed wearing them. And yes, you don’t need a company policy to wear bow ties, but it’s more fun when others join in.

During these times, a colleague from work came well dressed on a Friday of all days and jokingly justified this by saying he is doing “Fancy Friday”. This was my “excuse” so I hijacked the saying and have been religiously doing Fancy Fridays ever since. You don’t need to limit yourself just to the Fridays, but today, most of my friends and colleagues know about my Fancy Friday and alway expect to see a new bow.

So why transform the Fancy Friday into a habit or ritual? Well, it fosters a sense of occasion. Fancy Fridays infuse an element of celebration into the workweek. By breaking away from the casual routine, people both at work and at home are encouraged to treat each Friday as a special occasion. And I mean… we are celebrating the start of the weekend so it just makes sense to enter these days with style. I believe it’s also a low barrier way to celebrate individuality and let everyone express themselves through fun and fashion.

So feel free to make it yours! Take that day for you, choose the fancy for that day and get ready to enjoy the smiles and the positive vibes as well as everyone’s curiosity, while you on the other hand are welcoming the weekend in style!

P.S. If you fancy the bow ties and don’t have any or want to get creative with bowties from LEGO bricks, do check out our shop!

P.P.S. If you haven’t already read it, check out “Have a crazy day!” too!

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