Darkness swept across the land, the midnight – and bowtie – hour was close at hand, so what would we so obviously do? We would create a Halloween bowtie or two.

Rhymes aside, there’s plenty of LEGO parts that are targeted at Halloween and so great for creating halloween bowties. We’ve got skeleton heads and bones, all kinds of bats and even vampire minifigures, pumpkins and autumn leaves and decorations and of course chains, weapons and other cool stuff.

Now this post is  a bit late to the party since Halloween has come and gone this year, but I wanted to share with you what we were wearing and what you can do with the upcoming bows and straps.

So first off, we took some bones and chains and a skeleton and sort of build him into the bowtie. the legs are there and so is the head and arms… but not quite where you would expect them to be.

Halloween bowtie with a skeleton theme and chains and cobwebs

Next I had some fun with fluorescent LEGO parts, including regular bricks, skeleton heads and even spiders. They look great in the dark. I do believe there were also some glow in the dark ghosts a while back. Gonna look for those maybe for next year’s Halloween bowtie.
But coming back to the current bow, I also added some bats in there if you look carefully. 

Halloween bowtie fluorescent spiders and lego parts

Last but certainly not least, I wanted to create a halloween bow tie with pumpkins and something not in black, so I went with Autumn colours instead. We still have scary looking pumpkins and a black spider in there, but the rest is autumn decor. 

Halloween Bowtie With Autumn Colors and Pumpkins and Spider

So that wraps up halloween for this year. What would you have used to decorate a halloween bowtie? What parts did I miss and should use next time? Drop your thoughts in the comments below. And if you want to also make and wear these kind of bows, do sign up to find out when we launch our bowties from Lego parts

And with that of course, I wish you a crazy day!

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