It’s that time of the year when we start thinking about Christmas and of course what christmas bowtie we are going to wear (of course). So I thought it would be grea tot already get you into the xmas spirit and mood  with the christmas bow tie collection. 

In this first part, we’re going to cover the crossover between Star Wars and Christmas to bring you the Xmas Star Wars Crossover Bowtie part of this series. 

We start off strong with a C3PO that decided to start even stronger – he’s already dipping into that festive mulled wine while the winter winds and snow are picking up. But the cold shouldn’t be a problem, not with that holiday sweater at least. And if you are all about caroling, he’s just the right partner to take along. He is after all fluent and can likely sing in over six million forms of communication. 

Up next, we have a christmas bowtie for those who choose the beach during those cold winter months. A bow for the ones choose to ditch the snow for some snorkeling and exotic holidays. And who better to accompany you than the supreme commander of the imperial fleet himself. 

We give you the Star Wars Darth Vader bowtie for the holidays… the escape from winter kind anyway. 

And while C3PO is getting tipsy and Darth Vader is building sand castles and taking selfies on the beach, someone has to stay back and hold down the fort. And who better to play the responsible one and handle damage control in their absence than our dear R2-D2. 

Speaking of damage control… we give you the R2-D2 great xmas tree chase bowtie. Seems like it kind of escaped out of some space hatch while no one was looking. 

And last but certainly not least, christmas is all about the presents and the nice wrapping too. So we end the Star Wars Lego bowtie part of the collection with a nicely wrapped Mandalorian Grogu. He is so cute it’s like having a puppy with you. A great conversation starter. Without further ado, the Grogu Bowtie.

That concludes our suggestions for the Star Wars lego bowtie part of the collection but if you have seen or made any cool ones, do let us know in the comments!

Stay tuned for part 2 of this series where we explore bow ties using the reds and greens and golds found in christmas decorations and ornaments.

Until then, if you want to create and wear your own lego bowties, do sign up for our bowtie frames and straps to get notified when we launch: Bowtie Bleau Bowties from Lego parts.

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