In the first part of the Christmas Bowtie Collection, we focused only on the Star Wars / Xmas Crossover. This time around, for part 2 of our holiday bowtie roundup, the theme is around xmas decorations and traditions.

And speaking of decorations, on any given year, regardless of city or country, if they are celebrating christmas, we get to see a lot of red and gold decorations, including ribbons and bows to add to the festive spirit.
So what better way to kick off part 2 then with a red and gold bowtie:

Christmas Lego Bowtie - Red and Gold Bow

Of course, what better way to complement the reds and golds than with some green elves to show us around and tell us about all the nice things they wish we would buy.  So here’s a green suit – black belt – red and gold jingles elf bowtie: 

Christmas Elf Bowtie in green and black belt - Bowtie Bleau

Moving on, we come to the point where we blend decorations and traditions in a very sweet way, pun intended. Yes, I am talking of course about candy canes. White and red, already dressed up for the occasion, and they look delightful on any green:

Christmas Lego Bowtie Candy Cane - White and red and green colors

And when we think of green and white and traditions, we cannot forget about that harmless trap for smooching, that sneaky kiss stealer: the mistletoe. So a lego mistletoe bowtie to carry around and just detach and lift above is the perfect accessory for the holidays: 

Christmas Lego Bowtie Mistletoe - Green and Red and White

By now, I guess you are probably tempted to step in, to speak up, to yell out about the elephant in the room. Alex! Mr. Bowtie! You talk about decorations and traditions and you go through 4 lego bowties and not one even remotely mentioned the christmas tree? Don’t worry, I got you covered. Without further ado, a bow with not one christmas tree, but two:

Christmas Lego Bowtie Christmas Tree - Bowtie Bleau

Now what have we missed from traditions? We covered the tree and the canes, the ribbons and mistletoes. Oh, right! The Christmas presents and Santa’s list. Well then how about we just give Santa a hand and walk him around during Christmas Eve, shall we?

Christmas Lego Bowtie Santa Claus with Bag of presents - Bowtie Bleau

And that concludes part 2 of our Christmas Bowtie Collection. Which one did you like best? Would you change or improve any? Do you have any of your own that you can share? Let us know in the comments!

We are already working on part 3 of this series with some slightly crazy and outrageous bowties included. Until then, have a crazy day!

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