My wife is a big fan of Harry Potter, so what better way to add some magic to my style (pun intended), then with a LEGO Harry Potter Bowtie.

Since Harry Potter is also a big theme within the LEGO world, it was only fitting to combine fashion and fantasy and bring the world of magic and the creativity of LEGO into a spellbinding accessory to captivate and be worn by fans of all ages.

I wanted to go with a lightweight bowtie with some of the iconic elements from the Harry Potter series. The easy picks of course were Harry Potter himself and his glasses which form the actual frame of the bowtie. I was in luck to have a mini Lego Harry Potter minifigure which went well with the overall proportions of the bow.

Additionally we couldn’t leave out the flying golden snitch or Harry Potter’s owl,  Hedwig. So after playing around with all of these elements, they sort of “magically” came together. I also wore it on the very next Fancy Friday.

Alex Bleau Lego Harry Potter Bowtie on Fancy Friday
Lego Harry Potter Bowtie Over Bowtie Packaging

There were a few more elements that I had on the table and wanted to bring in – like the letters, flying broom – but it felt like they broke the look and crowded things too much. So I’m keeping all the extras for future Harry Potter bowties. And there are a lot more bowtie ideas waiting to come to life with elements from and like: Dobby, Wizard Chess, House colors and themes, Expecto Patronum, all the Brick Headz and the list goes on.

I hope you enjoy the bowtie as much as I did building it. Let me know in the comments if you want to see more bowtie creations from the Lego Harry Potter Universe.

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