Welcome to part 3 of our christmas bow tie collection. The theme for this one is frozen winter and you will see in a bit just why that is. I mentioned part 3 because this christmas bow tie showcase already has two published “episodes”:
1. Christmas Bow Tie Collection 1: Star Wars
2. Christmas Bow Tie Collection 2: Decorations & Traditions

We’ve got five bow ties lined up so let’s jump in and see what this frozen winter thing is all about. I was playing around with the concepts of snow and ice and freezing… mainly because I am still waiting for snow here in my area and kind of miss it.

First off, we have a literal frozen bow tie with ornate icicles coming down from the bow. Just a white and blue and cold all over bow tie:

Frozen christmas bow tie from lego bricks

Now, during the winter and cold temperatures, most animals and people will seek shelter, a fire or warmth, and just a way to stay cozy and dry.

But not reindeer. Oh no. They just treat it like a nice day for a stroll… literally. If they had cellphones and knew how to use them they would probably take selfies during blizzards. And that is kind of badass plus they also drive Santa’s sleigh. Naturally, we had to have a christmas bow tie with them.

So remember, if it’s snowing outside and you have to go out, just wear this bad boy and act like it’s nothing:

Reindeer and wreath christmas bow tie from lego bricks

While the reindeer are having a blast, should we just sit on the side and watch? Of course not! We are out doing winter sports – but still trying to stay well dressed and cozy – like skiing or winter hikes. Gotta love the thrill of going down the slope at top speed. Why not wear a bow tie to match both the weather and activity?

Skiing & Snow & Hiking Christmas Bow Tie From Lego Bricks

After all this snow and fun, we of course visit friends and go caroling and join some parties, maybe go to the christmas markets and enjoy some mulled wine. And what better companion to have with all this fun and festive christmas spirit, than a candy cane and wreath bow to get the conversations started:

Candy Canes and wreath and santa hat christmas bow tie

Finally, after all the fun and snow and skiing and mulled wine, 24th comes along and we all wait eagerly for Santa to come by and deliver our presents, and of course we keep our fingers crossed that the Amazon deliv… aaaa… I mean that Santa Claus and Rudolf and his elves won’t get lost or locked in somewhere because of the snow:

Santa and Rudolf and the Elves Snowy day christmas bow tie

That’s a wrap! I hope you enjoyed all of the Christmas bow tie collection series. Let me know which one you enjoyed or liked best.

Do remember – if you want to build and wear your own lego bow ties and you want them to look good, just check out the Bow Tie Bleau shop and some of the items below to get you started.

Have some crazy and amazing holidays!

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