The LEGO® minifigure bow tie accessory has been a cool addition to minigiure wardrobes for several years now and definitely one of the rarer additions to have for your minifigure wardrobe. 

LEGO® enthusiasts and collectors have always been on the lookout for unique and charming accessories to enhance their minifigure creations and the LEGO Minifigure Bowtie (ID 27151) is no exception. This tiny but stylish addition  is great for adding a touch of sophistication to the world of brick fashion.

Over the years, LEGO® has continuously expanded its range of accessories, allowing builders to unleash their creativity and customize their minifigures with flair. From hats and capes to weapons and tools, the possibilities are virtually endless. The introduction of the LEGO® Minifigure bow tie (ID 27151) has added a new dimension to the fashion choices available for these iconic little characters.

The bow tie accessory appeared first in 2017 with one of the sets from “The LEGO® batman Movie” – The Scuttler. In that set the bow tie accessory came in dark blue. Fun fact, that is the only set to date that featured a dark blue bow tie accessory. The other colors are red and black, with black appearing more often.

Since then, this LEGO® minifigure bow tie accessory has appeared in 8 different sets and was worn by 6 minifigures with Bruce Wayne and Professor Flitwick being the main wearers. 

Of course, the use of this minifigure accessory has gone beyond the original scope or setting. It has also been used as a micro tie fighter in a small Star Wars diorama, as a colar for clones or as the main piece of clothing for a LEGO night club.

Pile of lego minifigure bow ties 27151 with one bow tie on a tray

Whether it’s to create that next black tie event in your LEGO® city, to dress up your James Bond character or style up some villains or if you just need these for a MOC build, you can get some straight from our shop.  After all, we are selling bow ties from LEGO® bricks, so it was only natural that we also provide the matching LEGO® bow tie accessory for your minifigures. To get one (or more), just head over to the Bow Tie Bleau Shop or use the integrate buy button below.

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