My bow tie wearing passion and hobby led me to see a lot of types of bow ties, from people all over the world who decided to go beyond what was already there and decide to… well… have a crazy day!

And thoughout this exploration I of course saw quite a few bow tie infographics or visual catalogues, like this one that shows you the types of bow ties that James Bond wore in the movies or this one for example that experimented quite a lot with shapes and forms. Some of them as you can see cover only the classics, while others go beyond the conventional type and shape of a bow tie.

So I thought that we should have an infographic with bow tie shapes made from LEGO bricks as well. Since we are building them and having fun with them, might as well show everyone what can be done. And voil√°, we have a wonderful infographic showing 15 types of bow ties but built using LEGO bricks. The first 9 cover the classic shapes like the butterfly or the batwing while the last 6 showcase some of the more unique and novel types and styles of bows.


Types of Bow Ties Infographic - Bow Tie Bleau

If you like the shapes and the infographic, feel free to use the social buttons on the infographic to share with anyone who might enjoy this.

Now, I know what you are going to ask: Mr. Bow Tie, do you have the instructions on how to build all of these? Say no more. As part of the bow tie products I sell on, I have created an instructions booklet that includes over 30 bow tie types and styles. The styles and types of bow ties shown above in the infographic are naturally included. And on top of that, the instructions are available for FREE. Yes, FREE!

So check the button and image below for the instructions and please help me share and spread this infographic far and wide so we can get as many fans building their favourite bow tie.

As usual, have a crazy bow tie building day!

Bow Tie Shape Instructions - Over 30 bow tie types and shapes for you to build

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