Despite belonging to the dark side, Tie Fighters are iconic in the Star Wars universe, so you know I just had to create some Tie Fighter LEGO bow tie models. The thing is, some of these are quite cool to wear and one or two might just appear on the Bow Tie Bleau shop.

Let’s dive in. Now, the Tie Fighters in general have wings/panels vertical to the cockpit. Since this is quite hard to see from the front and since the wings are so iconic, for the Tie Figther bow ties I flipped them as you were looking at the fighter from the side.

Also, since some Tie Fighters also had pointy or sharper wings and not just the elgongated hexagons, I took the liberty of also playing with the shapes “a bit”. Here we go:

First up we have a basic one, bringing in just the colors and the specific cockpit.

Tie Fighter LEGO bow tie basic grey and black with cockpit

After this I went for the hexagon panels / wings and tried to recreate the grey and black switches in between the wing elements. Already looks much more like the Tie Fighter LEGO models we know or have built.

Tie Fighter LEGO bow tie model 2 hexagon wings grey and black

Remember how I mentioned that I played a bit with the shapes? The next Tie Fighter bow tie will show you what I meant by that. I split the wings while keeping the grey and black color play. It’s nice that with this one you can adjust the height span of the wings.

Tie Fighter LEGO bow tie split wing grey and black

Alright, getting to the good ones now. Here’s a model where I tried to get as close to the look and design of the wings as possible. Luckily I could use that center piece to make the grey bars on the wings feel like they connect to the center. This model might be available in the shop soon as a limited edition product.

Tie Fighter LEGO bow tie Model 4 with high detailed wings
Tie Fighter LEGO bow tie model 4 more angles

Up next we have none other than Darth Vader’s Tie Fighter LEGO bow tie. ALthough the flexible bending wing style is more comong with Tie Bombers, Vader had his way. Note that this bow tie model is child sized. I still need to take some time and play around to create the “slightly bigger but not too big” equivalent for adults.

Tie Fighter LEGO Bow Tie Darth Vader
Tie Fighter LEGO bow tie Darth Vader model other angles

And that’s it for this first series. I still have a few ideas so expect a few more models in a few days.

Now then, which model did you like best? Which model would you wear? Which model should I sell in the shop as a limited edition?

Let me know in the comment and of course, have a crazy day!

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