As part of any purchase from the Bow Tie Bleau shop, you also get a bow tie instructions book with over 30 bow tie models that you can build. They are split in three categories:

1. The Classics – here we cover over common shapes that we have seen on the market and you get to recreate them using lego bricks

2. The Unique shapes – here we cover the more unusual bow tie styles

3. The Others – where we provide instructions for other shapes and styles we discovered while building bow ties with LEGO bricks.

In this article you will find the instructions for Batwing bow ties. You will find three sets of instructions that recreate the batwing, pointed batwing and batwing butterfly bow ties using LEGO bricks. It is up to you to decide which one to build (but why bother deciding – just build all three).

Have fun building and if you want to wear the LEGO bow ties you create and wear them proper and have them sit as good as normal bow ties, then do check out the Bow Tie Bleau shop.

And of course, have a crazy day!

Instructions for Batwing Bow Ties - Featured Image
Batwing Bow Tie p1
Batwing Bow Tie p2
Batwing Bow Tie p3
Batwing Bow Tie p4
Batwing Bow Tie p5
Instructions For Batwing Bow Ties - Pointed Batwing
Pointed Batwing Bow Tie p1
Pointed Batwing Bow Tie p2
Pointed Batwing Bow Tie p3
Pointed Batwing Bow Tie p4
Pointed Batwing Bow Tie p5
Pointed Batwing Bow Tie p6
Instructions For Batwing Bow Ties - Batwing Butterfly
Batwing Butterfly Bow Tie p1
Batwing Butterfly Bow Tie p2
Batwing Butterfly Bow Tie p3
Batwing Butterfly Bow Tie p4
Batwing Butterfly Bow Tie p5
Batwing Butterfly Bow Tie p6

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