Welcome back to Tie Fighter LEGO Bow Tie Series. This time with a focus on the red themed ones. Now, in our last post on this topic, we covered the classic black and gray with the initial iconic tie fighter wing shapes and elements, Darth Vader’s tie fighter included.

This time around though, I looked more to the red and black variants from the Star Wars universe. There are not a lot, but the Sith Tie Fighter LEGO set id 75272 stood out for me. Note that I am talking about fighters and not interceptors here. We will cover those in a later article.
Coming back to the sith tie fighter, I liked the radical change in wing shape to triangle. It gives the fighter a very aggressive and battle ready personality. On top of that, it has 2 layers on each wing and each layer uses a black on red combo.

Now, below you will find the initial models I played around with. They mostly go with the colours and partly the shapes of the wings, but I am still working to add one that has that pure triangle wing style reflected in the bow tie.

I like that the red gives a whole new vibe to the bow ties compared to the black and grey ones.

Tie Fighter LEGO Bow Tie Red Series model 1
Tie Fighter LEGO Bow Tie Red Series model 2

Which one did you like? Which one would you wear? What other Star Wars Tie Fighter or Starship should I try to morph into a cool looking bow tie?
Let me know in the comments and come back in a few weeks to see the new ones I add to this post.

Until then, have a crazy day!

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