I have been a long fan of Super Mario and his worlds so a Piranha Plant LEGO bow tie was a must do. And this time around, it’s amazing what came out.

The piranha plant has always been one of the iconic and recognizable enemies in the Super Mario universe. It made it difficult to pass, you had to learn its movements to get through, you never knew if it would come back out if you sat on the pipe and of course, you were always curious if the pipe also held a secret area.

Piranha Plant LEGO Bow Tie Wearing the Bow

I knew I wanted to show somehow the plants coming out of the pipes and that took a bit of fiddling until I got it right, but once everything clicked into place, it looked amazing. On top of this, I wanted somehow to also add a leaf to the very very short stem and in the end made it work with the special horn part.

Piranha Plant LEGO bow tie Super Mario theme

And last but certainly not least, I really like the shell part. It reminds me of the turtles I used to bop by jumping on them and then launching them like bowling balls. So of course, I had to integrate it into the design and had two colors to choose from. Which one would you go for, red or green? Leave your thoughts in the comments.


Piranha Plant LEGO bow tie red or green

And that’s a wrap. I really liked how this bow tie came out, so I decided to build more of these and sell them on the shop at the start of next year. So check back in the coming weeks to find out when this Piranha Plant LEGO bow tie comes in stock.

And with that, I wish you a crazy day!

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