Last week I published a video covering my 2023 LEGO bow tie showcase. I went with a stop motion video since quick and snappy bow tie presentations seem to be preferred.

Here’s the video in case you haven’t watched it yet:

However, although the video is a fun way to share and watch the LEGO bow tie showcase, it didn’t really give me a chance to talk about them. That’s what this post is for of course. So let’s dive in and talk a bit about them nice bow ties.

First 2 rows from the LEGO Bow Tie Showcase

In the first row from left to right, we have the following:

  1. A bow tie using LEGO parts from “Anakin’s Jedi Interceptor” set 75281
  2. A bow tie using lots of LEGO parts from “Dragon of the East” Monkie Kid set 80037
  3. A Piranha Plant Bow Tie using the popular piranha plant from the LEGO Super Mario sets
  4. A bow tie focused on money, gold and looking like a vault door.
  5. A bow tie using parts from the Drone Explorer LEGO set 31071

In the second row from left to right, we have the following:

  1. A bow tie I made to celebrate the 1st of December as a Romanian
  2. A double layer bow tie blending light green, white and flowers
  3. My first bow tie using LEGO technic parts. Certainly not the last
  4. A cool bow tie using the special molded plates from the LEGO DOTS sets
  5. The Smokin’ bow tie, featuring 2 joints and some very suspiciously looking leaves.


The third and fourth row from the LEGO bow tie showcase

Third row of the LEGO bow tie showcase, from left to right:

  1. A candy cane, wreath and santa hat I created this year for the Christmas Bow Tie Collection.
  2. A bow tie showcasing a great octopus having fun with the surrounding ships trying to flee
  3. A bow tie my son started building and I helped finish. It uses the surf board LEGO parts for the middle “row”
  4. The Ahsoka Tano bow tie which I also wrote about here: Ahsoka Tano Bow Tie.
  5. A bow tie featuring a micro Millenium Falcon launching away

Fourth row from left to right:

  1. A dark blue, magenta corals and pink flowers bow tie. It goes great with a washed bluish green shirt
  2. A Harry Potter glasses, wand, golden snitch, owl and micro Harry bow tie. Always an eye catcher when wearing it
  3. A simple yet beautiful looking bow tie that has hollowed out “wings” and an uncommon shape
  4. A Pizza Bow Tie. With a Pizza head minifigure. You cannot see it but the minifigure is also wearing a Pizza themed bow tie underneath. I swear.
  5. A double layer black and grey bow tie with neon / lime green dots. Love the special diagonal “knot” in the middle
The First Extra Row From The LEGO Bow Tie Showcase
Last 3 bow ties from the bow tie showcase

What, you thought we were done? There’s more. And these are only the main ones that I also wear. Let’s continue.

Extra bottom row from left to right:

  1. A Pacman game bow tie featuring Pacman himself, the ghosts and even the cherries.
  2. A halloween evil pumpkin and spider bow tie with autumn colors
  3. A Pacman shaped bow tie using yellow and orange
  4. A double layer bow tie I created and wore for the Mind The Product festival this year
  5. A giraffe bow tie with a narrow shape

Last three bow ties from left to right:

  1. A half-life bow tie. You know the saying: “When all else fails, crowbar the f&$@@)er! (I might redo this in grey and orange to match the Half-life suit)
  2. A patterned narrow bow tie sporting some less common colors.
  3. The General Grievous bow tie I wrote about several weeks ago.

And that’s a wrap! 28 bow ties created and worn, many more created outside of that and many more coming. Which one do you like best? which one would you wear? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

And if you want to make your own and wear them proper, do check out the Bow Tie Bleau Shop.

As usual, have a crazy day!


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