I got “Yoda’s  Jedi Starfighter” LEGO Set 75360 for Christmas this year (among other sets of course) and it’s such a beautiful ship I just had to make some starfighter bow ties out of it.

Yoda's Starfighter Built Set LEGO 75360

And boy, does this set have a lot to give in terms of parts: from wedge plates, to slopes, to hinges and technic parts, it has them all. Definiely a lot more than what I had to work with when creating the Bobba Fett Bow Ties

So I got to “work” and the first thing that came out was – I have to admit – more starfighter than bow tie.

Yoda Starfighter bow tie model 1

It is wearable, but a bit on the heavy side. I liked however the tilted wings and wanted to see if I could keep the exact look and transfer it to the bow ties. How did I do?

Moving on, I didn’t give up on the nice tilted and split wing idea, especially with all the hinge plate parts, so I gave it another go and came up with this lovely bow tie:

Yoda Starfighter Bow Tie - Split Wings

I liked the mix of dark green and grey so I went for some color split bow ties too:

Split Color Bow Tie From Yoda's Starfighter
Miced Colors Bow Tie From Yoda's Starfighter LEGO Set 75360

Next up, I wanted to play around with all the different size and shape wedge plates so I created some double layer bow ties:

Double Layer Bow Tie From Yoda's Starfighter skewed wings
Double Layer Bow Tie From Yoda's Starfighter

At this point with the double layers in hand I still had plenty of parts… so we naturally went for 3 layers too. Again, as mentioned, the set just keeps on giving in terms of parts for bow ties from LEGO bricks:

Triple Layer Bow Tie From Yoda's Starfighter LEGO set
Quarter Circles Triple Layer Bow Tie from Yoda's Starfighter LEGO set

And last but certainly not least, I had a wonderful tile lying around to match the Yoda LEGO minifigure – a 2×6 bow tie with Yoda’s classic quote from Star Wars: “Do. Or do not. There is no try.” It was like a sign that this bow tie should be made and yes, I now have a Yoda minifigure and quote bow tie to wear at any Star Wars Themed Event or any training/meetings that has enough like-minded fans.

Yoda & Quote Bow Tie from Yoda's Starfighter LEGO set

So definitely get the LEGO set if you are looking for a cool starfighter. And if you want to also create LEGO bow ties and wear them proper, check out our shop for ready to wear bow ties and handmade quality straps to make them look great.

As usual, have a crazy day!

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