I think it’s a given that at a black-tie event, everyone wants to wear a black bow tie that brings something unique or different to the party while staying within the event’s natural constraints.

And although a LEGO bow tie will likely already stand out, here are 10 ideas for a black on black bow you can create and wear that will definitely make you stand out.

The first ones don’t complicate things much. They just add one or two details: some lines or a unique element, all black of course:

Black Bow Tie with black lines from LEGO bricks
Black Bow Tie With Black Square Glasses From LEGO bricks

Another approach is to modiy the horizontal central line of the bow tie by using tiles, slopes and wedges to create a skewed knot or a star and to give your bow new personalities:

Black Bow Tie With Pointed Ends And a skewed knot
Black Bow Tie with a black central star

We can also use one element to create patterns on our bow tie, like dots, circles and stars:

Black Bow Tie With Black Circles And Stars Patterns
Black Bow Tie With Black Dots Pattern
Black Bow Tie with black cricles and crosses pattern

Another way to spice up the bow tie is to add angles and different levels by using angled tiles or tiles that have cutouts,  or use slope or pyramid parts. As you can see below, different looks and even shades of black are created when light falls on these bow ties. The sloped wedges and pentagonal parts stand out the most in this regard:

Black Bow Tie with corners and cutouts
Black Bow Tie With 45 degree angles
Black Bow Tie with Angles and Pyramids

As you can see, there’s quite a lot of variety you can add to your brick bow ties for your next black tie event. You can play with patterns, shapes, angles, elements, levels and slopes to give your bow tie a new feel and personality while keeping things… well… black.

There are still plenty of ideas on how to spice up your bows while sticking to the black constraint so keep an eye out for the next black related articles.

In the meantime, if you want to create your own and wear them proper at your next black tie event, do check out the Bow Tie Bleau Shop.

And as usual, have a crazy day!

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