What can you make with a lot of minifigure heads and bow tie accessories? An inception bow tie of course!

But wait, let’s not skip straight to the end. Let me start from the beginning. I paid a visit to our favourite brick store. My thinking here is that if you get cool new LEGO bricks, you can make cool new LEGO bow ties. So I went straight to the pick a brick wall and among other parts (like the stems for the red flower bow tie), I got a lot of yellow transparent minifigure heads.

So I get home and I don’t have a particular idea in mind, just that the heads look cool so let’s make a bow tie out of it.

The first attempts just slapped some heads on the classic bow ties or I tried stacking them and placing them side by side on a black frame.

Bow Tie Bleau Black and Yellow Minifigure Heads Bow Tie
Black & Yello Stacked Minifigure Heads Bow Tie

Afterwards, I kept the stacking part but switched to using the heads for the “wings” of the bow tie and I just played around with the central part to try and hide unwanted details (like how the stacked heads are attached to the central part)

Black and Yello Minifigure Heads Stacked Sideways Bow Tie
Black and Yello Minifigure Heads Stacked Sideways Bow Tie different center

And then finally, I had the idea of adding some black tile or part in between the heads to add a nice pattern. And then it hit me: Alex… DUH… mini bow ties… Inception Bow Tie… a… a Bow Tie-Ception even. So I added lots of bow tie accessory parts plus a yellow minifigure that is also wearing a nice black bow tie.

You can see below the final bow tie standalone and then how it looks when being worn for Fancy Friday. Quite sturdy and easy to wear and put on.


Black & Yellow Inception Bow Tie
Bow Tie Bleau Inception Black and Yellow Bow Tie Wearing

What other possibilities of using the heads for a bow tie did I miss? Share your thoughts in the comments and feel free to share with any Inception fans out there.

If you want to start wearing your own bow ties from LEGO bricks and want to wear them proper, do check out my bow tie shop.

And, as always, have a crazy day!

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