Yes indeed, we have new types of bow tie products in thop. What do I mean by type? Well for one, we now have a custom bow tie category. This will be a home for all the bows outside of the basic shapes or basic parts used. In most cases the custom bow ties will come in a limited edition or limited quantity and they might only come back in stock after one or more months.

The first new bow is the Venus Fly Trap. I’ve already written about it here. It’s such a cool standout bow tie that I decide to make some more and make them available in the shop.

The Venus Fly Trap Bow Tie From LEGO bricks

Next up, we have a Space Fighter bow tie that I’ve also written about previously on the blog. It’s an iconic ship and neck wear in one that will definitely catch everyone’s attention. Welcome to the “dark side” of bow ties:

Space Fighter Bow Tie made with LEGO bricks

I have also added a new type of bow tie for kids. It is a superhero bow tie but the thing about this one is it comes with extra parts so you can create two (or even 3) variants. You can choose to decorate your superhero bow tie with the red plates, the spider web or both!

Check out the shop to see close-up photos with each variant.

Kids' Superhero Bow Tie made with lego bricks
Kids' Superhero Bow Tie made with LEGO bricks variant

And last but certainly not least, we have a metallic silver bow tie. This bow is made from custom chrome silver painted bricks. This gives the bow tie both the metal feel when touching it, gives it a different weight when holding it and of course the silver shiny look! The parts used to make the bow tie strap are also metallic silver. And of course, you can combine and build on the bow using other chrome silver coloured or painted LEGO parts.

Metallic Silver Bow Tie

Now there’s another catch with these bow ties. I’ve mentioned that they will be limited in stock. Chances are that when you clicked they appeared as sold out. That is because I will be announcing when they come in stock to my shop subscribers first and only one or more days after will I promote and announce it to everyone else. So if you want to be among the first to know when they come in stock, you can do that in one of three ways:

  1.  Go to the Bow Tie Bleau shop and sign up for new and updates with your email address. I will send out an email when all products
  2. If you use any of the buttons above, they will take you to the product pages. There, under the “Add To Cart” button, you will see a “Notify Me” button instead. I am testing this feature out so feel free to subscribe using that method if you prefer.
  3. You can just open a tab with each product and keep refreshing until it comes back in stock (not recommended… and of course, I am just joking around).

I hope you enjoy the new types of bow tie products that will be available and do sign up so you get notified when they become available.

Have a crazy day!


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