Crazy bow tie series to make the crazy day crazier? Sounds to me like the most natural development. I am playing these days a box full of all kinds of black and gold lego bricks (so expect¬† to also see more black and gold bow ties) and some of these black bow ties that I created are a bit out there… but I think in a good way.

I love that there are so many different types of bricks and parts that you can play with to create new and unique bow tie types and styles.

First off, we start with something not completely crazy, just pushing one element as much as it can. I give you the Propellelleller Bow Tie:

The Propellelleller bow tie - a black bow tie with lots of small propellers

It looks great and takes a while to figure out what’s going on if you only see this bow tie from a distance. If you have a friend that’s into flying or planes, this might be a crazy good fit (pun intended).

Up next, we take it up a notch on the crazy meter with a crazy bow tie that has hollow “wings” and a lot of angles to give it a nice look. I call it the Hollow Points. It’s one that I will be wearing with the first chance I get too.

Hollow Points - a crazy bow tie with hollow wings and focus on angles

Alex, that was a nice start but we want crazier. I got you. I played with some of the smaller non classic brick parts like horns and teeth and claw parts and from this creative and playful chaos comes the Narrow Double Torch, a black narrow bow tie with pointed ends (literally) and small flames at each end.

Narrow Double Torch - a black bow tie using horn, teeth and claw parts.

What? We should bring in even more crazy? Ok ok, then how about this drone / satellite looking bow tie? Looks like it’s out to track someone or explore dangerous parts of our universe. I call it black satellite:

Black Satellite Bow Tie from LEGO bricks

Ok, that is cool but what else you got? More crazy please. My pleasure. How about this skeleton like bow tie. It’s all narrow bar parts or similar to only create the shape of the bow and nothing else. Meet Black Bones:

Black Bones Bow Tie - a black bow tie with narrow bones like feel and look to it

Last but certainly not least, for the last crazy bow tie in this part, I give you a mix of shields and horns and ninja hair and sloped bricks to give you this imposing and confident – and totally out there – bow tie.

Cattle Horns & Shields Crazy Bow Tie

And with that, we end the first part of our crazy bow tie series. Let me know in the comments which one you thought was the crazyest.

If you want to also wear bow ties like these or craft your own, do check out the Bow Tie Bleau shop.

And of course, have a crazy day!

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