I am super excited to show you these unique bow ties today. Mostly because of how good they look, but there are other reasons as well as I will mention later in the post.

But let me start off with the story of how I got to make all these hexagonal wings bow ties. When I started creating bow ties from LEGO bricks, I mainly “spiced up” the classic shapes but did not venture further. Then at some point I started playing with non conventional parts and bricks. While searching for said parts, I came accross one of my older Starfighter sets and I said what any normal bow tie obsessed man would: “You shall make a great bow tie!”

So I started disassembling it and keeping the parts I liked most which also kept a bit of the fighter’s identity. What I kept in the end was very little, but enough and essential to both form a cool looking bow tie and still give hints it was a space fighter before:

Hexagonal Wings Bow Tie - Space Starfighter

Recentrly however, I revisited this wonderful bow tie after ordering and receiving many several more hexagonal wings in various colours. I also added to them some center parts and some of the new windshield parts that are also hexagonal in shape and we usually find them in the LEGO Botanical sets as leaves.

At first, I didn’t stray away from the starfighter idea as you can see below. The all black one would be a definite eye catcher at a black tie event.

Hexagonal Wings Bow Tie - Black and Yellow Space Fighter
Hexagonal Wings Unique Bow Ties - All Black Space Fighter
Hexagonal Wings Bow Tie - Red Wings and Black Center Starfighter

I also love the black and red variations, particularly the one with black hexagon wing in the background and the smaller hexagonal leaf part in front.

Hexagonal Wings Bow Tie - Red and Black Wings Space Fighter
Hexagonal Wings Bow Tie - Black And Red Wings Space Fighter
Hexagonal Wings Bow Tie - Black Wings & Red Hexagonal Leaf : Windscreen Wings

But not everyone is excited about space ships, so I decided to play around with the center part and some of the other colors I had at my disposal. That is how I got the orange and BB8 minifigure bow tie and the purple and white bow tie, both shown below:

Hexagonal Wings Bow Tie - Orange Wings & BB8 Droid Minifigure
Hexagonal Wings Bow Tie - Purple Wings And White Ice Crystal Patterns

And coming up strong on this creative streak, we have the pink wings bow ties combined with white and azure parts. I found the blue spikes in the center and the pink candy swirls bow ties to have quite a happy and carefree personality:

Hexagonal Wings Bow Tie - Pink Wings and Umbrella Center
Hexagonal Wings Bow Tie - Pink Wings and Azure Spikes Center
Hexagonal Wings Bow Tie - Pink Wings and Azure Leaf Wing Spike Center
Hexagonal Wings Bow Tie - Pink Wings and Pink Candy Swirl Center

Now here’s the crazy part about these unique bow ties: I want to make some of these available in the shop so that you can also buy them for yourself or other to wear.

So let me know in the comments which one you liked best and which one you would wear. Looking forward to your reply. Until then, have a crazy day!

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