Red floral bow ties are probably THE bow ties to have and wear for both spring and Valentine’s Day of course. But they are also just really happy and lively bow ties to consider for your Fancy Fridays.

These are not the first floral bow ties as I previously showcased a bow with more flower bricks than a garden. It’s also not the first time I write about a red bow tie as we had one in one of the christmas bow tie series posts.

But this is a post where we focus exclusively on red as a color and red floral bow ties specifically. And I will be showcasing more floral bow ties in other designs and colors moving forward (pink and purple and yellow ones on the horizon).

With this first one, I had a lot of fun especially with the part where I use a boat to create a bow tie. If you would have told me a year ago that I would use a LEGO canoe as a base for a narrow pointed bow tie, I would have thought that you are messing with me. Yet here we are. Fiddled around to add all the white and red flowers to it and presto, a wonderful floral bow tie.



Red Floral Canoe Bow Tie - Narrow Pointed Red Bow Tie

I have another idea for a bow tie using the canoe… but it is less friendly and doesn’t use flowers but teeth and claws… but I digress.

The second bow tie went with a red butterfly bow tie shape. The red butterfly bow ties from LEGO bricks will soon be available in the shop by the way so stay tuned.

I used the basic butterfly shape on purpose to show the creative potential with LEGO bow ties in general: you can take the base frame and decorate it in so many ways and give it so many different looks, styles and personalities.

And for today’s post, I decided to keep it simple yet elegant and decorate my red floral bow tie with white flowers on top of light green leaves.

I think they go great together and it’s easy to remove the flower elements as each side of flowers is linked together via the “greenery”.


Red Floral Bow Ties - White Flowers

What other red bow ties or floral bow ties would you like to see? Which one of the above would you wear? Let me know in the comments.

And do remember to have a crazy day!

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