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Hey there! Welcome to Bow Tie Bleau!

Bow Tie Bleau is a bold endeavour to combine fun and fashion into something new that can allow boys and men everywhere to express and celebrate their individuality. It is also the way we want to inspire others to Have a crazy day! and do Fancy Friday.

The bow tie straps and frames we make are meant to be a quality blank canvas that the wearers can use to craft unique creations that are distinctly related to their passions, hobbies, style or mood.

How did Bow Tie Bleau start?

Hey, I’m Alex Bleau or Mr. Bow Tie if you ask some of the people around me and I’m the creator of Bow Tie Bleau! This is a story more than 10 years in the making. I always liked bow ties more than regular ties. The style and look of bow ties just felt more… me.

So 10 years ago, I landed in Germany with quite a few bowties already and wishing everyone a crazy day (see the links above) while wearing ze bows.

There was just one teeny tiny issue with that: in most companies and outside, Germany expanded a bit on the casual Friday idea… to where you might ask? well basically to casual everyday. During these times, a colleague from work came well dressed on a Friday of all days and jokingly justified this by saying he is doing “Fancy Friday”. This was my “excuse” so I hijacked the quote and have been religiously doing Fancy Fridays ever since.

I’ve played with Legos since i was a kid and continued with this hobby as an adult (self proclaimed). And although I had played with the idea of wearing bow ties made from lego parts and pieces, the same issue always came up: how to actually wear it. I started answering this question when I purchased a stone bowtie that had to use a detachable strap. I even found a workaround to use that exact strap to wear my initial creations from lego bricks.

From one experiment to another, I ended up crafting an initial strap prototype that was comfortable to wear, easy to attach to the bow, kept the bow tie in the right position and didn’t wrinkle or create ripples in the shirt collar.

So there I was! Out and about during Fridays and training or coaching sessions, wearing bow ties made from Lego parts with my self made strap to make it look good. It was the way I felt while wearing the bow ties, the fact that I could be really creative with the shapes, look and styles of my bows and the reactions I got from people that got me making and selling the Bowtie Bleau products we have today.

The straps and frames are a stylish quality way with which I can support and encourage anyone and everyone to have a crazy day and/or live their fancy Fridays.

Enjoy your bow ties, enjoy your life and of course, have a crazy day!

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