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Have A Crazy Day!

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I wish everyone a crazy day! Not a good day or a nice day or an awesome or sunny or calm day. I am originally from Romania and the translation of “Have a Crazy Day!” is a wordplay of sorts from a common greeting/wish we have:

”O zi    buna” – means a good day

“O zi nebuna”  – means a crazy day

And of course, now comes the question: But.. I mean… why Alex? In a world that often values predictability and routine, why would someone wish others a “crazy day” instead of a “good day”? It might sound counterintuitive at first, but when you dig deeper, you’ll find that wishing someone a “crazy day” is a profound message of positivity, encouragement, and a celebration of living in the moment. And, because I believe that is the right mindset and approach to fully live and enjoy your day.

To me, having a crazy day means making choices and decisions in a certain direction during those next 24 hours. It means take those chances if it feels right, go the extra mile if that is you, step out of your comfort zone if it’s for what you want to achieve. It’s like a change in perspective on how I should act, react and relate on and to anything that happens in my day.

In a world that often values conformity and predictability, having a crazy day is a rebellion against the mundane. It’s a reminder that life is meant to be experienced fully, with zest and zeal.

There is that wonderful saying that the magic always happens outside of your comfort zone. I fully agree with this and have experienced it many times in the past. And I wish this to others as well, you included.

So please, have your crazy day! The good kind of crazy, the magical kind of crazy, whether it’s exploring a new city, trying something you’ve never done before, or simply indulging in a day of whimsy and wonder.

Embrace the madness, and you may find that the most extraordinary experiences await just beyond the boundaries of the ordinary. Your crazy day could be the spark that ignites a lifelong adventure of living life to the fullest.

And feel free to pay it forward and wish this to others too! Next time you wish someone a “crazy day,” remember that you’re not wishing chaos upon them but rather encouraging them to dance with life’s unpredictability and savour every moment, no matter how “crazy” it may be.

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