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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bowtie Bleau and what are you selling?

Bowtie Bleau is a small shop that sells bow ties made from Lego parts and high quality hand-made straps for said bow ties that make them sit properly and deliver an elegant and stylish look.

Alex Bleau – a.k.a Mr. Bowtie among his friends – has the habit of wishing everyone a crazy day (the good kind of crazy)! And the bowties that he makes – with their unlimited creative possibilities – are a small and fun way through which he hopes to empower and enable the craziness in everyones’ days. 

What comes in the package?

We will sell 2 main products:
1. The regular box, containing two bowties from lego parts together with a strap for each. One bow tie will be classic black and one classic white.

2. The father and son box, containing two bowties from lego parts – one for the father and one for the son (kid size). Both of these bow ties will be classic black.

Apart from the bows, with each purchase you get a digital copy of our instructions booklet that shows you how to create dozens of different bow tie frame shapes to match every person’s style.

Please note that none of our products come with any decorative or extra lego parts as shown in some of our photos. Those are just for illustrative purposes and not included. 

When will the shop launch?

We aim to launch the shop at the beginning of December 2023. If you want to find out when we launch, just sign up to the form above. You will also have a chance to win one of the 3 bow tie packs we are raffling away!

Are the bowties glued?

The pieces that slide on the strap are glued together so that they do not come undone when tightening the strap. However, none of the bow tie parts are glued as this would not allow you and our customers to be creative and build their own unique bows. 

What materials do you use when making the straps and bows?

When it comes to the strap, we use 100% cotton strap and thread for sowing. As for the bricks and parts that go in the frame, we only use brand new parts. Last but not least, all of our packaging is eco friendly and recyclable. 

Do you take orders for weddings or bigger groups of adults or kids?

Yes, we will also be open to these kind of orders but we will not offer it as a standard service from the start so please get in touch using our contact form after the shop is launched. 

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